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Thursday, 30 March 2006



Another myth too is the idea of "drain to taxpayers".

The vast majority of undocumented workers in the United States pay taxes. In order to do just about anything - get a bank account, drive a car, rent a movie, you must have a nine number id (social security). Non-citizens get what they call tin (taxpayer identification numbers) numbers which look like social security numbers. The IRS' mission is to collect tax revenue, they do NOT get involved with immigration - they want to collect taxes and they'd collect less of it if they reported those with tin numbers to the INS.

They do pay taxes, so however anybody feels about illegal immigration, it just isn't honest to say they don't pay taxes.


What isn't a myth is that immigrants affect the housing markets in inner cities when there are large concentrations of immigrants. The increase in local population causes an increase in rents thus causeing legal low-income citizens to pay higher rents than if there were no illegal/legal immigrants to compete with for the same limited housing stock.

In addition, some asian immigrants are coming to New York City and are purchasing homes to live in and rent. There are anectodal incidents where they are not selling their homes or renting units to non asians. They are locking out and displacing the traditional area citizens. Some people call it changing demographics. I call it a slap in the face to the country that welcomed you with open arms(borders).

Some people mention the positve net effect on the economy that immigration has. That may be so in the overall general macro way. My sense is that immigration benefits Corporations, Affluent Americans and the general Stock owning class in Amercia. Low-income Americans do not have the luxury of looking at the big picture. They are faced with most of the negative sides of immigration. Crowded schools, higher schools, increased competetion for wages which drives down wages and benefits and an overall decrase in standard of living.


Ralph, I don't agree with you that immigration only benefits corporations and affluent Americans. I think that immigration benefits America period. Low income americans aren't competing with immigrants for jobs and to speak frankly immigration isn't a class issue. What is true though is that there are two Americas, but I think what is diving America is the fact that the focus of economic policies have been overwhelmingly placed on growth and not on fairness.

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