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Monday, 27 March 2006



PCD - actually fining and or jailing heads of companies that knowingly employ illegal aliens makes a lot of sense to me. Part of the idiocy of the current setup is the government has a system in place to detect fraudulent papers (SSN’s) but does not REQUIRE companies to use it. If we simply required that companies make a 30-second check before hiring someone and if they knowingly hire someone who is here illegally – fine them, things would get a little better.

To me it’s about enforcing the current laws. The government has not been doing this as a gift to big business to keep their labor costs low. Those on the left who care about living wages should applaud this attempt to get the government to do something about this issue.

Simple economics 101 – the more people willing to do the work, the lower the wages. Pay US citizens a decent wage and you won’t have 11 million illegal immigrants in this country.

tommy in nyc - Keep the current system in place and we will all be in a race to the bottom as there are about 4.5+ billion other people in this world who would probably like to be in America and make more money and have a better standard of living.

If anyone thinks that a ‘better-educated’ US citizen will be able to compete against that onslaught you should have your head examined. Our nation can’t absorb all the people in the world that want a better life for themselves. It’s lunacy to do so at the expense of our own citizens. You want to help others who are less fortunate – great – send them a check or donate your time to helping them – DON’T GIVE THEM MY JOB.

We’re not just talking about migrant workers – the moronic Bushie proposals are set to increase legal immigration of all job types about a million a year. With just a couple hundred thousand ‘new’ jobs being created in this horribly anemic economy – how long will it take for you to be replaced by that ‘nice new immigrant’?

Hope you all enjoyed middle class because we’re heading back to the days of slave labor thanks to the new ‘global economy’ and the putrid efforts of most of our elected leaders who appear to be willing to do anything – including destroying the economic security of US citizens to get a few more corporate dollars.


What kind of country does America want to be? Good question. I also come from an immigrated lineage, so I do struggle with this issue some, but my Grandfather came here legally, because it was the right thing to do. A little more difficult, but right. He did have a lot to offer, and was a talented man in his profession, and really made a difference in the lives of many people. But once he became a citizen, he was an American. Only. He was proud of his heritage, but even prouder to become an American, and served in, and died as a result of service in the U.S. Army, to support and defend America's resounding stand for freedom. From him, my father learned to do what is right. I learned it, too. I want America to be freedom's champion. I want America to be a country that gives hope to others. But I don't want America to become the world's slum. I live in a border state, and I see my community becoming just that. I see (and feel the bite of) property values dropping, crime increasing, homelessness rising, school performances steadily going down. It's difficult to just stand by. How can we (in the border states, living "in" these problems) say, "Yes, allow them in! Yes, we will give them all they need!", when we feel "they" have already taken so much. I just feel that if someone wanted to come here with, as you said, something to offer this country, the formality of coming here legally would not be a wall to stop them, but only the first step of the process to the better life they are hoping for.

Ugly American

“I find it hard to accept that certain key aspects of immigrations are criminalized.”

Are you legal immigrant to America as I am a legal immigrant to Germany? If your answer is “yes” then what is your problem?

“Legislation that would, among other things, make it a criminal act to provide an illegal immigrant with medical care — is simply immoral.”

Maybe, but there are poor Americans who are being denied the same medical aide in their own country. I consider that to be even more immoral.

“Is the United States going to decide that it has had its shares of the world’s poor and unfortunate people by closing its borders to them and by making it more difficult for people who have something to offer this country to become a citizen to this country?”

Something to offer? How about loyalty for a start. The principle concern among most Americans is the fact that the vast wave of immigrants that have inundated the nation do not identify with the United States. They are proud Mexicans...period. Much as many people would rather not admit it, loyalty does pose a slight problem.


There are two simple concepts that all the protesters, and even Vicente Fox, seem to completely ignore: 1. Illegal immigrants have BROKEN THE LAW, and that cannot be tolerated in a civilized society. 2. The Department of Homeland Security is a JOKE until we get control of our borders. Not long ago, the State Dept was goint o require passports at all borders. I remember thinking " Gee, seems like after 9/11 that would have been a no brainer." A few days later, Bush usurped his State Dept on that policy.
It is not our job as a nation to absorb all those looking for a better life. They are almost certainly going to take away Social Security/Medicare for LEGAL residents, since those programs are unsustainable. And we're talking about LEGAL residents who have been paying into those systems all our lives. Here in San Antonio, my school district gave 24 MILLION dollars back to the state because of a lawsuit filed
in the early 90's by poor Hispanic district.
Texas is now NUMBER FIFTY in education, and number 49 in teen pregnancy. Hmmm. Why do you suppose that is? What better example of the effects of uncontrolled immigration?


Hi Sir,

The problem that a great deal of Americans have is not with immigration itself, it is those who choose to enter this country without adhering to the laws of this country. These people are the problem, there are estimates that there are 10 -20 million illegal immigrants in the United States. If they choose not to abide by the laws of this great nation then they need not be here.

Dennis Carter

I am really disgusted with most politicians. We currently have immigration laws on the books that are not enforced. Is the solution to this problem passing more laws? I don't think so. First, prove that the existing laws can and will be enforced.

If I break the law, I go to jail. Illegal immigrants have broken our laws and some wish to punish them with citizenship! I don't think they should be considered good citizen material.

Tell our elected individuals do the job that they swore to do in their oath of office; uphold the Constitution and existing laws of the United States.

My family and I have been staunch Republicans since we were old enough to vote. If the illegal alien problem is not addressed and dealt with properly we will be looking for another political party.


i think they should leave them alone you have people been here for a long time .they work hard to send money homefor there family


What about the children whose parents brought them here as babies and became adults in this country and are more american than any born american? (most of them can't even speak their parents language)


This law is unfair for children whose parents brought them. As long as you are under 18 you have no rigth for opinion and that is true in many countries. Now many would say well why don't they return to their country when they are 18, well it wouldn't matter because they will still be view as illegal and would get deported. Now if that law is enforced then the child would have a criminal record without he/she even being resposible for it. Many argue that Illegal imigrants are getting their jobs, but the fact is that Americans would always pick Americans over anyone else. It is impossible for illegal imigrants to get any type of welfare or medicare because they are not citizems.Illigal imigrants do pay taxes because the government allows them to, however, they do not get any benefits out of it because the only rigths that they have are human rigths. If people are so worry for illegal imigrants to take their jobs, they should be more worry about Americans companies building their factories in third world countries only so they can pay cheap labor. There are many facts that congress needs to revise because this law reminds me of the 1850 fugitive law that prohibited people from the north to help slaves from the south.
If this law does get pass, i think it would be better for American to stop asking themselves why other countries dislike America.

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