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Monday, 03 April 2006



This issue crosses the lines of race and economics. There are numerous economic reasons why illegal immigration should be stopped. Its un-fair to the legal immigrants that spent alot of time and money getting to America. Its un-fair to America's working poor that have to compete for jobs that pay lower wages then they should because of large numbers of illegal immigrants taking them at less than minimum wage.

And yes there probably is some racial component to the issue as well. First of all I am the son of an immigrant, so don't try and tag me as racist or anit-immigration. however I find it disturbing that there are entire communities where the percentage of hispanic immigrants is so high that there is no need to assimilate in to the general populus. The last thing America needs is a communication barrier caused by having two cultures within the same teritorial boundaries. I was shocked when searching for work while attending college to be turned down for a job as a cashier at a Home Depot because I didn't speak spanish... Excuse me for only speaking the tounge of my home country... why do I need to bend over backwards for these people? They came here did they not? If they wan't to live in my country they first of all need to follow my laws by entering legaly, second they need to conform to my way of life e.g. speak my language, and third they need to pay taxes and stop leeching my social programs e.g. food stamps, WIC, welfare. sure im not on any of those programs, but there are American citizens that need them and their priorties should come first.

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