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Friday, 28 April 2006



This is the biggest insult of all time and should NEVER be allowed to happen. These illegal and legal Hispanic immigrants are pushing their luck. If they really want this battle they can have it. Remember the Alamo.


I have had it with these illegal immigrants that think they actually have rights here. You have to be a legal American before you have any rights in my eyes. They are brash enough to flaunt the fact that they are here illegally by protesting because we Americans are fed up with them mooching off our country and it's tax payers. The latest and final blow for me is their so called interpertation of OUR national athem. The fact is it can't be literally translated into spanish. If these people want to be Americans then they are giong to have to learn ENGLISH like all legal immigrants before them. I have reached my level to talerance for having to choose between ENGLISH or spanish everytime I want to conduct any kind of transaction.
As an American I don't have anything racial against these people, I am just tired of paying their way because they don't pay their way in taxes. They seem to be ok people, they just have to realize that we Americams work hard for what we have and we are tired of conpromising our standard of living for someone here illegally!!

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