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Friday, 05 May 2006



Re: #3 - No, obviously that 'power' is as illegitimate as is one's illegal status. Perhaps I am merely spoiled, but I do feel that when I check into a hotel or I'm shopping for whatever, there is a reasonably good anticipated ability to communicate with those whom my patronage pays his or her check. So, language is an issue - call me ethnocentric... The huge numbers illegally entering the US is an issue - El Presidente "The Fox" could care less; he wants them gone... North Korea has little or no problem with immigration; it's funny how well those mine fields and soldiers armed with weapons work so well! No, I'm not a big advocate of minefields in the US, but I want the flow stopped at all costs. Some may die, but we have our own poverty to deal with and medical/dental insurance needs. Appalachia has the poorest people in this country. We can't afford to make a single county pay $12 million to provide medical care for illegals every year. Women shouldn't be allowed to travel here for any reason in their third trimester of pregnancy. It's ludicrous to me that I pay more for college tuition than a non-citizen - WTF, over?!?!?
I never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but come on...

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