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Tuesday, 13 June 2006


David Romero

I think you should not be fooled by the Washington Post's rosey summation of Mexican immigration. Check out, for example, the Center for Immigration Studies and see what they have to say about the so-called success of Mexican integration, their so-called fluency in the English language. Where the latter is concerned is patently false: Ask any school teacher in California, Arizona, and Texas why there is an astounding number of failing schools and you'll get the same answer: "Mexican kids can't speak English," which is why they have the highest drop-out rates in the nation. Moreover, if they are so fluent in English as the Post says, then why, is our government insisting on bilingualism in all our national publications; what's with all the Spanish only TV and radio stations and newspapers? And you and the Post are trying to tell us that the 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants that swarmed into this country like a cloud of locusts are assimilable? Get real. I would suggest, for starters, that you tune into Lawrence Auster's website (view from the right) and read some intelligent articles by Victor Davis Hanson. Both of these gentlemen scholars know a thing or two about immigration-- legal and illegal-- and how it impacts America.


I just got one question for you: are you trying to tell me that immigrants are trying to make spanish the "national" language of the us and that the immigration issue is an struggle for the soul of America?

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