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Thursday, 20 July 2006



All recent war started by ignoring the first symptom.No day we not only a country with its rethorics that want to obliterate a sovereign country off the map backed by a sect of religious fanatic terrorist which have no respect for human life and cultural backward which have no notion of modern civilisation.Wars a terrible occurences wher innocents peoples will get hurt.Public opinion seem to blame Israel for the Lebanon
casualties,but no one seems to even consider the casualties of Israel caused by the rockets missiles fired indiscriminatly by the terrorist peace loving
islamic Hamas-Hizbollah.I trust that the international communities realise that it is not only these two gangs but there are Iran and Syria in back ground supplying the necessary rockets to those stoogers.
Lets not be fooled by the rethorics that Islam is a peacefull religion.IT IS NOT.
Next will see street marches by our peace loving muslims in support of Hamas -Hizbollah.


Islam is a peaceful religion so is Judaism and Christianity. But that isn't a religion. I don't think humans need religion to become radicals. I don't think that there is something within islam, which leads to radicalism, but rather something about human nature, which make us want to believe that to destroy is to create and that killing can accomplish noble goals. The most important question is how do we win the fight against terrorism? Do we abolish Islam and kill all radicals and those who support them and sympathize with them? Or do we fight a war of ideals and of idea by recognizing that terrorists aren't born, but made.

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