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Monday, 31 July 2006



Israel have failed to note the art of war. I cant see any way of them actually achieving their goals the way that they are doing so now.

This isn't a war persay, they are at "war" against an organisation. Not a country, and the annoying thing is they are ATTACKING the country and not the organisation!

Isreal are playing right into the hands of Hezbollah in the sense that the only thing I can see coming out of this is extreme hatered of israel in the middle east :/


I think what Chuck Hagel said yesterday is right, which is that the war cannot achieve Israel's objectives. I do not like to use words like "attack" because they are too inflammatory. The most important question again is can the current war work, that is to weaken Hezbollah and make Israel more secure. I don't think that it can. I hope that I am wrong because apparently, this war is going to last a while.

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