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Monday, 28 August 2006


The Ugly American

If he truly regretted the decision, he would return the kidnapped Israeli soldiers immediately.

He doesn't and he wont.


I agree with you.

Ed Watters

I really don't think the Hez echelon anticipated the outrageaous Israeli response to thier border incursion. They probably were simply trying to initiate a prisoner exchange - a fairly common practice between Israel and its neighbors.

The Hez are definately guilty of poor intell judging from reports in the San Francisco Examiner and elsewhere that the Israeli's have been touring the US presenting power point lectures on the invasion of Leb that they were planning for the past year (Israel guilty of mendacity for using the border incident as the reason for thier reckless invasion).

As to issues of Nihilism and disregard for the sanctity of Lebanese and Israeli civilian lives, both parties to the conflict have ample reasons to do some soul-searching.

As to the release of the two Israeli soldier hostages, the same can be said of Israel who holds over 400 Lebanese citizens who they've abducted over the past several years. While they are at it, Israel can release the Palestinian Doctor and his brother who were abducted from Gaza the day before Hez abducted the two soldiers.


I don't agree with you. Because I don't think that it is fair to compare Hezbollah and Israel. I think that it is important to remember that Hezbollah started it. I think that we can see the differences in the two sides by the fact there is going to be an inquiry in Israel about the reasons why the war was so mismanaged and why at the end Israel going achieve its objectives by using force. Nasrallah can say that he has regrets but nobody is going to hold him accountable for anything. Olmert will be held accountable for hs mistakes and especially for conducting the war the way that he did.

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