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Thursday, 12 October 2006



Actually, Turkey is moving toward progress, and the French (of all people) are going backwards.

Regardless of genocide claims and by whom, it's the freedom of expression that's being curbed here.

The same rights afforded to Armenians to claim genocide are being taken away from those who would deny such a thing.

And by the way, for those who claim it's not OK for France to deny genocide and it's OK for Turkey to deny the existence of genocide . . . one wrong doesn't make the other right. AND france is already in the EU. And Turkey isn't yet. And if the rules of equality would come into play, this new engagement by France actually qualifies Turkey's entrance requirement.


I agree with you. The problem is that by legistating history, France has opened a pandora box, which will lead a lot of countries to follow its example by trying to have the law recognize history facts which may be questionable or unproven. Turkey just announced that it will pass a law on what they call the Algerian genocide, where will this stop?

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