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Thursday, 21 December 2006



We have begun the process of subtly criminalizing the status of youth. It’s as if we expect mothers to miraculously birth 17 year-olds. And then expect the 17 year-old youth to miraculously and immediately make significant contributions to society. It’s as if we think parents need no time to be parents or children need no time to be children!

Toddlers are entering prep-school for kindergartners! First graders are using day planners! Second graders are worrying about their resume, physical looks and status!

I'm quite certain if I were just beginning life, I'd be in jail before adolescence? My refusal to sit at a desk would have gotten me thrown out of kindergarten. My day planner would have incriminated me as a first grader devoid of any goal except exploration and reading. Demolition of my neighbor's screen door, with M-80s, would have ensured I spent second grade incommunicado as an "enemy combatant" or "terrorist"…

I do not understand all the factors which are causing this process to occur? But it seems totally ridiculous and a dangerous process. A process we should understand and reverse before we further harm our children and society.

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