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Tuesday, 17 April 2007



I admire the comments made here, especially towards the end:
"making them disposable since they can be replaced whether they are skilled or not by people in other countries, who will be cheap and less demanding."

This I say because it is true and those who are unable to view it as such cannot be blind for long. The problem, however, does not lie in people who are able to view globalization as a problem, or wish not to view it as such. The problem lies with people in power, both in governmental positions and in business positions, who are well aware of the conflicts that globalization brings about. In both areas people are able to point to one possible "answer" to this problem, that of "how can governments allow for such things to happen?", profit. Profit drives any person to irrational conclusion that are meant to save the world's poor. It is time to stop blaming anyone who argues because their ideology is in line with "their" party or religion, it is time to start holding those in power accountable.

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