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Wednesday, 25 April 2007



A response the real question. Religion and politics are one in the same. Both are aimed at addressing the social conditions around the world. Religion has came to be synonymous in championing and denouncing human rights violations. It is through Liberation Theology that the Catholic religion became involved in politics around Latin America and a couple of European countries, while politics, since the French Revolution, have always addresed the rights of the human condition. Therefore the question no longer becomes if, "it means that politics should become religions that should be contended in denouncing the faults of human beings and the sad state of the world, dividing the world between good and evil, without ever being trying to change the world." The question then is, are governments maintaining the interest of the human condition? Though Chavez feeds his rhetoric to the masses, he has undertaken the role of providing social programs for the needy. Is it enough, probably not, but because, just like you said, he is conscious of it. He knows, much like everyone around him know that propaganda works. Llosa is correct when he assess that "young Latin American Idiots are in touch with their time, they are still political ideologues who have no interest in pragmatism or with reality. Latin American Idiots believe that the economic and political situation of their countries caused by the schemes of diabolical and blood thirsty imperialists and this worldview makes them heroes because they believe that they are fighting powerful forces." They still operate in a Caudillo manner because they displace their responsibility in having an impoverished country on the United States, but the reality is that they are partly resposible in those conditions as well.

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