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Sunday, 27 May 2007



While you may be incapable of objectivity on DP-J, why not try to at least give a few reasons to support your assertion that he is fanatically anti-French?

Strongly anti-Quai d'Orsay, certainly, but he did the research among the archives, presents his reasons, and nowhere in that book do I find evidence of his being in the least anti-French.

You quote someone else as your argument, give no evidence of having read the book yourself, rubbish the man, but leave his ideas intact. Surely you can do better?


Fascinating counter-argument! First, you need to be familiar with this blog to know that on several occasions I have argued against Pryce Jones' arguments and that I didn’t feel the need to beat a dead horse because I have ceased to take Pryce Jones seriously since I believe that their goal is not to provoke a healthy discussion on France, its foreign policy, and its so-called Islamization, but to great anti-French propaganda, which seems to sell very well. Second, my point has never been that Pryce Jones didn't research his point but rather that he is incapable of seeing either the trees or the forests because he was to believe that French is a country on the contrary of all western powers has a Foreign policy, which doesn't represent is interests, but which is corrupt and bias. Third, I find it fascinating that all of those who argue that France has been Islamized always points to the number of Muslim in Europe as to argue to Islam is like a disease, which spreads and that all Muslims have the same objective no matter their origins, their gender, their race, and their social status. Fourth, you should at least give me some kudos for not trying to pretend as Pryce Jones that I am objective and that I do not have a strong point of view on this issue. Fourth, to conclude, I think that your comment would make sense if this were the first time I was speaking about Pryce Jones. In other words, you are coming at the middle of movie and it is normal that you don't understand it.

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