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Thursday, 13 September 2007


Matovu Lwanga

Hello my friend, I just came across your comment about abstinence here in Uganda. The TRUTH is when I was a kid I remember very clearly the President and some old posters about issues like that; and my generation kinda grew up in that environment. And if you notice, it is in this same era that Uganda became a success story in the fight against AIDS.

Me, I am a 24-year old student at Makerere University and I am still a virgin as so many other thousands like me. Even here on the university. We believe in ABSTINENCE till marriage. NO RUSH!!

And I also happen to attend Prime Time, an event run by that same guy: Martin Ssempa, he is not a minister, he is a Christian Pastor and AIDS activist. And no, in all the time I've been there, I never heard him say "don't use condoms" ONLY that he stresses the AB of our the nation's ABC strategy. And there was also that time when he burnt condoms that had been given free by the Government to nearly all students - this was after they were announced to be faulty and not safe. I wonder how many chaps lost their lives during that period.

Point is: we believe we can control ourselves till we meet the right person. Anyone can. We are all human.

And I've just failed to see that video; blame it on our slow connections down here.

Be cool.



Hi out ,
hurts me so much when a practise that has saved me and many millions from various diseases and poverty is abused. When I came to Makerere University, no one offered to counsel me in the area of sexuality. Quickly I had a meeting in my mind that I would go on with any lady who came across. Thankfully before I could involve myself in this, the Youth Dr. Ssempa had reached out to reached me also. I saw every value in what they were saying and since then I resolved to pursue Abstinence as the only sure way.

It buffles when uninformed people stick their noses condemning a practise that has been there time immemorial. Please attack Dr. Ssempa on some other terms but not because he has helped millions across the globe. Iam Abstaining and my life is very enjoyable. I don't spend on anyone with certain motives, I don't put up shows so as to have her give into sex. I hate the way you attack a socially, culturally, and scientifically proven way of keeping your body and life including even the nation rich.

Style up.



I think that you are both missing the point. The point isn't about Martin Ssempa or whoeverelse, but about the fact that given the current Aids crisis, making the fight against Aids fight a question of religious beliefs is wrong and dangerous for we know that in spite of religion, preacher, minister, or Christian pastors that Aids is spreading and that the way to slow it down is to encourage people to use protection. It is all fine and good for people to believe in no sex before marriage, but when they say that people shouldn't use condonms, or when they try to pretend that we still live in the age of Adam and Eve by denying the facts on the ground, then they aren't just true believers, but dangerous fanatics. The point is simple, Martin Ssempa and others want us to believe that to fight Aids, people need only to become abstinent and thus more holy, but that isn't only irrealistic, it is also, I am sorry to say (no I am not sorry) simple minded and stupid.


They are not missing the point.....you (kiki) are.we in uganda know where we have come from and we know why our nation has been known worldwide for our success in the fight against AIDS.Abstinence and being faithful in marriage is the message that worked for us and i remember AIDS was much feared then and people practiced abstinence and were faithful in marriage, and when condoms where introduced people became more promiscuous and thus the spread of AIDS is increasing.

By saying that the abstinence message is dangerous and it doesnt work, you really are miss the point.

you may laugh about the abstinence message...but it will not change the facts on the ground, am abstaining and so are many down here in Uganda and we are saving the government alot of money that would have been spent on condoms and on ARVs

i dont know if you have read/heard Dr.martin ssempa's story and why he does what he does, he has a heart for people not only in Uganda but the whole world and he has lost a brother and a sister to AIDS.
His message on abstinence has been embraced by many including me. so there is no way you can convince me that abstinence is a dangerous idea.
actually its sad that you people are trying to push the condom message down our throats, yet we already know what is good for us.

condoms will fail but abstinence works all the time !!!!!!


wowww Sylvia, I have to say that your logic just stuns me especially your last sentence because it it shows me that you don't want to see or to accept reality. How many Aids victims are they in Uganda? How many in Africa? Can you say with a straight face and without having to talk to me about the world as you would like it to be that you believe that all that they should be doing is to practice abstinence and to believe in Jesus? If abstinence were working and the refusal to use condoms were a good idea, Aids wouldn't be as huge of a problem that it is in Uganda and in Africa. Are you going to say to me that it is better to be abstinent than to be safe in a part of a world where facts tell us that one has a better choice of getting aids than of getting maried a virgin?

eddie ssemakula

You see.. because of some frustrated individuals particularly in the west who have failed to see the role of purity in a pro-family stance we have views like kiki's solely devoted to promoting anti-family propaganda.

Am glad to also say that video failed to show....am 22 years i joined Uganda's largest university in 2004 to do a diploma in information science,my ultimate goal was to have sex with whoever,wherever after all like kiki, i felt it was "simple minded and fanatical" to say i will never have sex until the day i got married

but look because i heard Dr Martin Ssempa speak(note the "Dr." kiki) at his weekly rally at the university pool one saturday, i decided to make a commitment to sexual purity until the day i wallk down the aisle

3years down the road am still sexually abstinent,over those last three years ive reached over 3000 young men and women with a message of purity in high schools allover the country

and look what agenda-driven bloggers do...

post a video of a revolutionary doctor,world changer,pro-family father of four,inventor of the first abstinence and faithfulness flags in the world,pastor to thousands of potential future fathers,mothers,teachers,doctors,responsible citizens at Uganda's largest university here

am left to say kiki and other anti-abstinence groups should instead be asking why we ugandaans had AIDS go down by that percentage?

of course not everyone is going to abstain kiki, but open-minded thought ought to be thankfully given to the previlged many who have heard Dr Martin's message of sexual purity in Uganda.am one of them i know hundreds of others.Many have been impacted by me as well because he chose to speak like a voice in the wilderness

My heartfelt advice goes to you to understand the role self control can do in building healthy non-sexual relationships which in turn promote sound abstinent lifestyles.

and thats the testimony we proudly bear, no blog video can take that away from us,no non-factual commentary can grab that,not even the finest research can.

God bless the day i will walk down the aisle regret-free,lovely,my bride in tow, to the applause of many i even pray it rains that night,

then will i honor marriage and keep that marriage bed pure until death do us apart.


Abstinence OYEE!!!

For God and My country

Eddie ssemakula


Hahhhh! Not the West and South divide argument again? Dear Eddie, I read your speech, but you don't address the main issue, which has everything to do with the reality on the ground and the fact that Uganda and Africa are ravaged and that it is all well and good to believe in purity and in self-control, but that the truth is that when confronted with a crisis, people have to be taught how to protect themselves. The question is only one of morality in so far that it is immoral and dangerous to tell people that condoms are the enemy and that all they need to do is to practice abstinence and to control themselves. The question is one of culture, but one of realism, millions of people are dying and it is dumb, dangerous, and inhumane to tell others to just pray and to restrain themselves.


Am so surprised and grieved by people who are like kiki, my dear the truth is when there is an example of areality then you cant stop it. KIKI THE TRUTH IS ABSTINENCE IS REAL.it has worked for me for four years, the only thing you need to do is accept the that TRUTH you will not be a loser but a VICTOR in this generation God bless you.

kawooya john

i have read kiki's comment a bit late but let me also stress the point that abstinence works. you see, when you have failed you might think that every body is a failure. i dont intend to attack but just to let kiki know that many lives have been transforned by what is calling a religious ideology. personally i came to campus with the thought that abstinence does not work for sexually active people like campusers but i was hit by the truth. it has worked for me for the time i have spent here. just to let you know kiki that in uganda we had a saga where 40 million condoms were discovered defective. a lot of shortcomings are related to condom use. finally i have this to say'if you're to be so stupid as to have sex before marriage then you can use a condom even with the enomous risks there is, for it needs perfection and none is perfect


I think it is rather laughable that some can become so foolish to trust in condom to protect them from HIV. First of all, in the entire history of public health, there is not epidemic that has been turned back by any medical appreach that was entirely based on condoms. Secondly, condom is just a piece of rubber that vaseline alone can damage it, let alone be less that 100% effect. To laugh at abstinence is to laugh at yourself that you have completely lost control of your sexual life. Am a researcher and a former student of Makerere University. I have never had sex with any girl. Now am engaved to a young beautiful girls who is also abstaining, we are waiting for our wedding which will be next year. In fact, i wish i could hand you a personal invitation to my wedding. Abstinence works, am a witness.

Jimmy Okello

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