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Saturday, 17 November 2007



I don't think I agree with you Kiki. Are we really getting less educated? I think everything points towards the opposite: not only is virtually everyone guaranteed a secondary education, but more and more people throughout the Western world are going to university than ever before.

I'm not sure why pop culture can be so tasteless, but I do not think popular culture is tasteless because it is popular (repetition galore...). And I do not think education has much to do with it. There are plenty of tasteful uneducated people (indeed, some ultra-conservative people...). In fact, it seems nowadays education doesn't matter, many a conservative has lamented the rise of the 'learned ignoramus', the legions of doctors, lawyers and engineers produced by vocational courses, who have outstanding technical knowledge but no general culture, literary or otherwise, and are basically uncultured.



Craig, I think we are less educated as a whole society because there is more inequality and because education especially in America costs more. Of course, for those of us who have the means, these times are wonderful because we can know more and because we can if we want become more cultured, but the point is that for most people out there, the struggle is about surviving and not about knowing more and become more cultured and knowing about other cultures. My point is that the gap between the educated and the uneducated is as wide as it has ever been for the simple reason that the gap between the have and the have not is wider than it is ever been.

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