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Sunday, 18 November 2007



I think it's impossible to say anything about "Who the real Sarkozy" is... (People still argue about who "the real Mitterrand was"!) All he does is talk, give his opinion on every damn issue (the more self-consciously "controversial" the better), and generally try to keep himself in the headlines for supersized attention-seeking ego. (Not unlike Blair, IMO)

The trouble with all this talk surrounding Sarkozy, is that he has yet to do a single substantive thing in either foreign or domestic policy to separate him from his predecessors. The strikes going on now in France, I think, are a major lithmus test which will tell us what kind of leader he is and what kind of presidency his will be. Not everything, but it will tell us a little bit about the real man, about what he does when push comes to shove and he's not just giving another pretty speech.

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