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Tuesday, 18 December 2007



Culturally Latin America is 'Western', which is to say, the cultural difference between the the more 'European' (ahem, White) Latin American countries and Europe is of the same order of magnitude as that between North America and Europe. For those countries with strong indigenous culture and many descendants of slaves, the problem of cultural classification becomes similar to that in the Caribbean (are Haiti, Cuba or Jamaica 'Western'). I think culturally they are for the most part Western (excluding Haiti's African inheritance and any indigenous traditions) but, lets say, 'socially' and politically they have always been excluded from the West and assigned the place slaves, natives and colonized (I wonder where Martinique and Guadeloupe fit in this.. being French departments, they seemed to have reached the other pole in this dialectic).

Emilia Liz

I always say that if Latin American mestizos (the bulk of the population) were "Native at heart," they would have ended up like the people of the Philippines, who were under Spain for 300 years but kept their original language and the bulk of their original culture.

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