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Thursday, 02 April 2009


Sikander Hayat

India’s Anti Pakistan & Pro Al-Qaida Activities in Afghanistan & Balochistan
It is not a surprise to hear that India (RAW) is behind the current unrest in Pakistan but hearing it now on an international stage from a respected journalist is another story. Christine Fair in this month’s edition of Foreign Affairs says very clearly that India is hell bent on destabilising Pakistan by providing massive amount of funds, weapons and satellite imagery to Taliban in FATA, Balochistan and other parts of the country and a great effort is being put in by the Indian consulates in Afghanistan to this end.


By Sikander Hayat


Uuumh, I think in a way it is easier to blame India for everything in this situation, but I think that things are more complex than that. What worries me is that the feeling that I have in my gut that Obama's approach to the conflict is too bush-like or bush light to succeed, not to say that Bush II was always wrong, but rather that to argue a paradigm shift is required.

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