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Thursday, 09 April 2009


Samuel Skinner

"In some ways, there's a symbiotic relationship between evangelicals and secularists. "

Since secularism only exists as a reaction to religion, this is essentially stating the definition.

"More than ever, one's religion is tied up with one's political choices rather than family history."

False. Carter was the guy who helped bring religious fundamentalists out of the wood work- and he was a leftist (by American standards).

"That means faith won't fade into the background. "

Why not? The free soil party no longer exists. It is quite easy for political movements to no longer be relevant.

"The point of atheism is that it has to resist the temptation to become religion-like even if doing so means getting more power and obtaining the ability to make politicians weep with fear. "

Relax- American atheists are divided by politics more than they are united by anti-theism. Stupid libertarians...

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