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Monday, 24 August 2009


Craig Willy

I'll agree with this. I have long believed that the pseudo-controversy about national policies of "integration" vs "multiculturalism" was a vast distraction. The way foreigners come into countries is not so different in France and UK, or Canada and US, despite differences in rhetoric. Mainly "multiculturalism" has become a term of abuse for those who want to exclude foreigners or denigrate non-White communities. It is a way of blaming social problems and exclusion on cultural differences, as though the majority second and third generation immigrants did not speak English and wore burqas. It is absurd.


I agree with you. I think that multiculturalism is a term that too many people use without knowing what it means and simply to make ideological points about immigration, immigrants, integration and its perceived negative effects on a country's identity and values as if they were supposed to remain stagnant.

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