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Tuesday, 26 January 2010



It is true.. why did all those Eurocommunists and Democratic Socialists that were still popular in the 1980s - who always insisted the Soviet Union was not their model - have to wither away after the fall of the Berlin Wall? The Left has slowly but surely lost its Promethean ambition, and now there is nothing left at all. But who says a society's economy must be dominated by the celebrated irrationality and organized fetishism of the stock market? Has Fukuyamaism (as you put it) so strangled us so much that our imaginations are so atrophied? That we cannot even conceive a better form of human organization?


I'm starting to believe that the Left, especially in America. needed communism to survive to succeed. I think that it is always harder to imagine something new rather to disavow something that works for some of the people all the time while giving the rest of them the hope (here is that Obamamastic word again) that they will one day get there). The reason why Chavez is popular in some parts of the world is precisely because he gives the illusion of taking another road when he is doing nothing new and he isn't a revolution, but an autocrat playing the role of populist (autocrats always do this when everything else has failed, see Khadafi). I think that the problem is guts, efforts, and the willingness to see that the heart and compassion aren't the greatest thing in possible. If the so called Left starts every political battle with the idea that its ideals are great, but unrealistic, then it should either create something else or just admit that equality, fraternity are for suckers.

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