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Tuesday, 16 February 2010



Wars are fought because wars are started. You can't spend $100 billion dollars and have 1000 teenagers killed and then say its all been a waste of time. You have say: "It's really hard, and complicated, hence the lack of metric, but if we persevere..." Cue muddling through until the bleeding treasury gets the central bankers to get the temporizing politicos and conquering generals to back down. (Traditionally, bleeding soldiers would be a factor and the public would force withdrawal, not so since the professional army.)


I don't want to become a pessimist, but I have the feeling that this can't have a happy ending even if "we" (the US) end up catching Ben Laden after all of these years. This just feels like one of those movies where you know the ending, but still has to see the movie because you are stuck in the theater.

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