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Friday, 12 February 2010



I don't know, were Vaclav Havel and Lech Walesa indulging in infatilization when they blamed all the woes of Czechoslovakia and Poland on a certain Union of Soviet Socialist Republics?

Not that all underdevelopment should be blamed on outsiders. Poverty is man's natural condition and it is because of innovation originating in the West, despite the latter's imperial nature, that has allowed much the world to develop. Still, in certain specific cases, and I think Haiti is one of them and indeed the West Indies in general, we have countries who are pure products of Western economic and imperial forces. They therefore have chief responsibility.

Although, perhaps such assignment of "blame" is redundant and we should be more concerned with how to right the situation. But we should be clear about the "morality" in all this.


I agree with you. I like the concept of responsibility more than anything else and also I don't think the trouble with Klein isn't more with the fact that she has no original answers and practical solutions because she seems to be assuming that it is up to the "West" to do the heavy lifting because it broke "Haiti." The problem that I see with that reasoning is that every time that the "West" tries to do everything, to fix everything, it creates more problems for the main reason that the people whose country it is trying to fix are not children and will always recoil when "foreigners" not matter how helpful try to build their state. Isn't that a new, revamped, remixed version of "Colonialism?"

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