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Tuesday, 09 February 2010



Well, would concede that Goethe, Voltaire, Tolstoy and Shakespeare are European writers?


Even as I have full sympathy for the gist of your sentiment: "Je ne veux pas être la victime de la Ruse d'un monde noir." (Guess who?)


There isn't such a thing as an European writer....I don't think that Shakespeare would have look at Corneille and said "What's up brother" he would have said "Those French suck at theater." European writer, would Kundera, Le Clezio use that expression? Don't think so !
Is Tolstoy European or is Dostoevsky? Yet, they have influenced Camus and probably French and Spanish literature more than other writers? The point is that nationality, identity in the sense of deciding who is an African or European writer is barbaric and more ideological than a literary enterprise?

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