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Thursday, 25 March 2010


Paul Sagar

Oh come on, that's not what I'm saying at all. America has a long history of presidential assasinations. Let's cut the crap: Obama's being black makes him even more of a target.

I am not AT ALL saying that everyone who opposes Obama implicitly encourages an assasination attempt. But when Palin tells republicans to 'reload' and puts cross hairs on a map - well we're into unpleasant territory. I dont think I'm at fault forcquestioning Palin's actions given the context that a great many nuts WILL be gunning for Obama, literaly.


Dear Mr. Sagar, you are making my point for me because you are saying that since Obama is 'black' (he is biracial), he is more likely to be killed than either American president ever was. Why? Because the America who elected him is really racist. Come on, can you ever let go of the race thing and focus on the real issue? Why are you caught up or rather so enamored with the idea that Obama's blackness is essential when he is a normal American president who must be judged like every American president based on what he does and no who he appears to be because he doesn't look like George Bush. I'm disappointed because I think that you are great and it disappoints me that you believe that Obama's "blackness" is essential or rather is life changing and when the essentials are elsewhere. Sorry to have to bust your bubble, but blackness in America and elsewhere is a bland and vacuous concept used as political and ideological instrument in a society who has stopped to think to accept the idea that race is an identity when it is trivial. Even when one doesn't look like you, existence precedes essence.

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