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Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Jeanette Faison

The EU is getting to be a more corrupt, scary, money gobbling monster with every day. I have a daughter who is a pleasure. She is very well behaved and everyone tells me. She has her own personality and is encouraged to express herself in varied ways. She is full of joy and laughter. And she is the product of spanking as a last resource. And now the spanking is very rare because just the threat works. Spanking and beating are two very different things and to confuse the two is the height of stupidity and ignorance and only the EU would be capable of it.


I don't think that the trouble is one of corruption, but rather one of priorities and of confusion due to a failure of clear delimitation of the parameters of the different Europeans institutions. In short, the Eu isn't corrupt, just disorganized and suffering from a lack of concise, strong, and unified political leadership and inadequate institutions.

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